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Weekly lessons are available as:

  • private lessons (45 min/60 min)

  • small group classes (60 min)

*Lessons and classes are available in cello, theory/musicianship, or composition.  Enrollment for each is separate.

Please contact me for more information on enrollment, rates, and scheduling.  See below to read more about my teaching style.


As a cello instructor, I strongly believe  anyone can learn music and my teaching style is based on the following key principles:

  • Patience and rapport with students at any age, level, or learning pace

  • Adapting to each student's individual needs and goals

  • Fostering and encouraging creativity in both performance and practice

  • Setting up correct and sustainable technique to prevent strain and injuries

  • Supplementing lessons with quality instruction in theory, musicianship, and history

  • Keeping music fun, interesting, and engaging




Available to provide live music at a professional standard for events such as weddings and galas in the Calgary area (including Banff/Canmore).

A wide range of music and string ensembles are available.  I accommodate special requests including arrangements of popular songs for string ensembles.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to request a quote.

A strong foundation in theory and musicianship skills (a broad term that includes activities such as ear training, sight-reading, basic singing, and basic keyboard skills) allows for quicker progress at any musical discipline and is absolutely necessary for advanced studies.  Learning theory and general musical skills is just as much an individual process as learning to play the cello since everyone has a unique musical ear that should be developed in their own way. 


Composition - creating original music - is a skill that ideally every musician should develop to some extent.   Not only is it a rewarding individual experience, but learning to harness your own creativity can help you understand that of others.  Songwriting for your band, creating music to play on your own instrument, or writing a symphonic masterpiece are each very different activities, yet each would be considered a form of composition.  As an instructor, I expose students to a variety of styles and influences, teach notation and the capabilities of various instruments, and challenge each student to write music that broadens their horizons while allowing their personal style to develop and thrive.

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