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Drifting (2013)

for solo viola or solo violoncello

Sun Says to Sing (2015)

for solo violoncello

Three Caprices (2016)

for solo violoncello

Voyager (2019)

for solo violoncello

Five Duets (2020)

for violin and violoncello


Night Music (2016)

for string quartet

Moto Perpetuo (2013)

for violin and piano

Lux Aeterna (2016)

for 4+ violoncelli

Steps (2012)

for string quartet (opt. electronics)

Dreams of Blue (2012)

for flute, clarinet, 2 violins, 2 cellos, piano, and percussion

* indicates work in progress


TBD* (2020)

for string orchestra


The Carnival of the Invertebrates (2017)

for chamber orchestra and narrator

Cascade (2016)

for symphony orchestra

Shadow, Echo, Memory (2014)

for 21 violoncelli

Igor Drives the Bus (2014)

for wind ensemble

Cello Concerto in C (2013)

for solo cello and symphony orchestra

The 666th International Clown Conference (2012)

for symphony orchestra

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