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New works temporarily in hiatus.

Missa Borealis

Missa borealis is a Mass in the form of a requiem, the Latin mass for the dead. Despite borrowing from the traditional religious nature of the genre, this work is a secular lament for the vanishing arctic/subarctic wildlife and habitats in a quickly changing world.

Premiere: TBA

Caprices for Solo Cello

As a cellist, an ongoing pet project of mine is writing a collection of caprices for the instrument. True to the nature of a "caprice", they are virtuosic and meant for performance but also highlight the technical demands of the cello -- both in terms of general technique but also those specific to the performance of new music. Three have been premiered, and I am continuing to work on more.

Premiere: on a rolling basis

Seven Toasts

This work is a set of seven miniatures featuring the viola joined by a crew of a few instrumental companions, dedicated to- and written for one of my closest friends to celebrate camaraderie, family, good memories, and excessive amounts of beer. 

Premiere: TBA

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