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Caprices for Solo Cello

As a cellist, an ongoing pet project of mine is writing a collection of caprices for the instrument. True to the nature of a "caprice", they are virtuosic and meant for performance but also highlight the technical demands of the cello -- both in terms of general technique but also those specific to the performance of new music. Three have been premiered, and I am continuing to work on more.

Premiere: on a rolling basis

Work for solo violin

Sponsored by the Canada Council for the Arts, this solo violin work is being written for Canadian violinist Kumiko Sakamoto of the Thalea String Quartet as part of her doctoral recitals.

Premiere: Fall 2023

Seven Toasts

This work is a set of seven miniatures featuring the viola joined by a crew of a few instrumental companions, dedicated to- and written for one of my closest friends to celebrate camaraderie, family, good memories, and excessive amounts of beer. 

Premiere: TBA

Work for piano trio and ensemble

This work is for violin, violoncello, piano, and an indeterminate mixed ensemble of players to be premiered at Bella Concert Hall at MRU Conservatory in the Spring of 2024 by Land's End Ensemble and students of MRU's Academy Program for Gifted Youth.

Premiere: Spring 2024

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