Caprices for Solo Cello

As a cellist, an ongoing pet project of mine is writing a collection of caprices for the instrument. True to the nature of a "caprice", they are virtuosic and meant for performance but also highlight the technical demands of the cello -- both in terms of general technique but also those specific to the performance of new music. Three have been premiered, and I am continuing to work on more.

Premiere: on a rolling basis

New work for string orchestra

A commission by Morningside Music Bridge to create a work that will be premiered at their July 2021 festival.  Excited to write for such a fantastic organization and so many talented, young musicians from around the world.

Premiere: July 2021

Caprices for Solo Cello

The Caprices are short works for solo cello that showcase a range of the instrument's capabilities in a modern context. While being primarily intended for performance, each individual caprice presents different technical challenges - some universal to the instrument, some particular to contemporary music. I began by writing three short pieces during the summer and fall of 2016 and will be continuing with more shortly.

Estimated completion: individual Caprices will be released intermittently

Missa Borealis

Although it is inspired by the Roman Catholic requiem (mass for the dead), Missa Borealis is not intended as a religious work.  It does not include all the sections of a liturgical requiem, and does not contain any linguistic text.  With its primary subject being the natural world (particularly the vast, cold, beautiful landscapes of Canada), the idea of the requiem becomes a metaphor for the ongoing loss of Arctic ice and the ecosystems this affects.

Estimated completion: after 2020